Project Description

We worked with a commercial tanker operator and freight trading organization to upgrade their current ASP.Net application to Silverlight 5.0.

This was a moderately large LOB application using some portions of the Prism framework (event aggregator and Unity) primarily for event mediation and dependency injection. The architecture was n-tiered with ADO.Net as the data layer (stored procedures to SQL Server only – no in-line SQL), POCO and pass-through business methods with WCF calling into the business layer and returning data to the client. The focus was on the Silverlight UI elements, but knowledge of the entire infrastructure was vital to reaching performance and usability goals.

We used Agile techniques (daily stand-ups, three week sprints, six week delivery cycles) and some limited XP and pair programming. Of critical importance for this exercise were responsiveness, speed, accuracy, and the ability for users (freight traders) to be able to input data in “heads down” mode.

We also created an email processing and client application using ASP.Net, C#, and SQL Server 2008. This was a key part of their business, with thousands of “bulletins” being delivered daily from vessels and ports. The application has an email processing piece which runs periodically (separate from the client) – where emails are pulled from the Exchange server and stored in the SQL Server database. From there, they are searched for relevance to vessels and voyages using C# regular expression functionality and associated with the vessels, vessel managers, and/or voyages within the database. Once filed, they are available to the user of the client application via hierarchical tree views and grids.